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What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why spend your training dollars on the Human Side of Business?

Research says you spend up to 65 percent of your day embroiled in conflicts with others. Could this be possible? Well, just consider the time you spend debating company direction, department procedures, what the data really says, or the real meaning of comments at the last meeting.

  • Imagine the gains in productivity when people stop doubting and start trusting the intentions and actions of leaders and colleagues.
  • Imagine the increase in your ability to influence and lead others when you understand what truly motivates behavior and can respond with emotional and well as intellectual intelligence.
  • Consider that there is no strategic plan so perfectly envisioned and flawlessly presented that it cannot be derailed by egos, infighting or bad attitudes.

These are all issues on the human side of organizations, where your true strategic advantage lies, in the untapped potential of an energized workforce, supporting each other, holding themselves accountable, operating at peak performance and achieving common goals.


Gary Copeland, co-author of The Human Element and Customer Service, was recently interviewed in Stockholm, Sweden about Customer Relations.

Gary makes the case that customer purchasing decisions are fundamentally emotional and not strictly logical decisions, and there is an understandable link between company policies, individual behaviors and specific customer emotions. Companies can use this knowledge to create positive emotional experiences to insure brand loyalty and influence future customer decisions. He provides evidence that a company's reputation for customer service has a dramatic impact on financial performance, affecting both bottom and top line measurements.