The indomitable human spirit wants to create, wants to achieve, wants to excel. The problem is not so much how to harness that spirit as how to unleash it.

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This is where you normally find a resume designed to impress you with my academic credentials, my vast experiences in organizations and my astonishing client list. I have one of those, but it does not really tell you why I’m in the consulting business or why I love working with people and teams trying to improve their lives and increase their productivity.

Thirty years ago when asked to lead a team of highly educated and dedicated people I quickly found myself in very deep water without life preserver or paddle. I could not for the life of me understand why people acted as they did, arguing over trifles when we had enormous problems to solve. I was frustrated by the petty disputes, interpersonal squabbles, and occasional all out wars that robbed us of efficiency and sucked the life out of our motivation. I needed to learn to swim and fast.

Desperate for answers my quest soon led to experts in the fields of organizational development and interpersonal psychology. Most impressive were those who could make highly complex matters simple and understandable. One person in particular, Will Schutz, creator of FIRO Theory and The Human Element, could do this with a vast array of subjects, but especially with issues of human relationships and teams. I became so fascinated with human dynamics in the workplace I put aside all other pursuits to become an organizational consultant.

To this day nothing gives me more pleasure than helping people discover how to resolve human issues and work at peak performance to accomplish amazing results. OK, if you must, here is my resume:

Gary Copeland

Gary Copeland

Gary Copeland is an international consultant whose academic background is balanced with over 20 years of managing programs and leading strategic planning efforts. He understands the pressures of managing million dollar budgets, meeting client demands, racing corporate deadlines, operating within a myriad of bureaucratic regulations, and mediating the conflicting priorities of strong-willed program managers.

As an organizational consultant Gary has provided extensive training in Leadership, Management and Teamwork for multi-national corporations in biopharmaceuticals and automotive manufacturing, facilitated conflict resolution for university faculties and private industry, and trained leaders at the highest levels of industry, the U. S. Government, and international service organizations. Trained in the Marshall Goldsmith method he is experienced in coaching at all levels in organizations. He has led multi-year change initiatives with senior executive teams and consulted widely on issues of individual and group productivity, strategic planning, and communications. As an Officer of the U. S. Public Health Service Gary directed a national office providing services for 10,000 Indian Health Service professionals.

For 20 years Gary was an associate, student, and devoted friend of Dr. Will Schutz, creator of FIRO Theory®, FIRO B®, Elements of Awareness® and the widely acclaimed training program, The Human Element®. With a deep understanding of all aspects of human interactions, he is co-author of numerous training workbooks for individuals and teams, including the popular Element B (Behavior)® workbook series and The Human Element in Customer ServiceTM. Known for his humor, insights and relaxed facilitation style, Gary has been applying Human Element principles in public and private organizations for over 30 years, and has trained and certified countless other consultants in The Human Element approach.

In recent years Gary has focused his efforts on enhancing senior executive leadership skills through programs such as the Leadership Development Program at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the International Management Program of the Stockholm School of Economics, and the Physician Executive Development Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In addition, he has developed an impressive client list including Abbvie, Centena Group (United Arab Emirates) Eli Lilly, Shell Oil, NASA, Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. Army Missile Command, the U.S. Public Health Service, the National Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Seagram’s Wine & Spirits, SuperValu, the Christian Hansen Group (Denmark), and The Human Element Network of Sweden and The United Nations.

Gary is a Licensed Human Element Practitioner (LHEP) and a Master Practitioner within the World-Wide Human Element Learning Community. He holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development, a Master of Public Health, and a Degree in Pharmacy. He is a graduate of the University Associates’ Advanced Program in Organization and Human Resource Development.