Building satellites to explore our Universe is easy compared to managing and leading people.
—Edward J. Wollack, NASA astrophysicist

These programs, elegantly designed by renowned international experts, incorporate teachable skills and best practices of the human side of business. They have proven track records of success in both public and private organizations. We can bring these programs into your company to help you meet your training and development goals.

The Human Element®

Will Schutz

An integrated solution for the human issues in organizations.

The Human Element is a systematic approach for improving the way people work together. It creates an atmosphere where the contribution of each person is utilized, people tell each other the truth, take full responsibility for their actions, and teams operate at their full potential.

It is internationally acknowledged as a profound personal development seminar and one of the most effective team building programs available. By dealing with root causes rather than superficial behaviors, The Human Element makes possible significant and lasting change.

The Human Element helps you increase candor and eliminate unproductive defensive behavior leading to:

  • Better and faster problem solving
  • Improved teamwork
  • More effective communication
  • Increased social intelligence
  • Fewer interpersonal conflicts

For the organization this means:

  • Increased productivity
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved innovation and problem solving
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Greater flexibility and capacity for change
  • Enhanced organizational culture

The Human Element combines the best of behavioral science, emotional and social intelligence and experiential adult learning, using a proven theoretical framework (FIRO Theory), scientifically validated assessments and structured feedback. There is no doubt that applying the principles of The Human Element will increase productivity and the bottom line.

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“It is our desire that advancements in understanding the human element will at least match our advancements in technology. As we realize the tremendous power of truth, recognize our awesome capacity to determine our own lives, and overcome our fear of looking openly and honestly at ourselves, we can attain limitless heights of productivity and personal fulfillment in our organizations, our relationships, and ourselves.”
Will Schutz, Ph. D., Creator of The Human Element

“Gary makes The Human Element (THE) real. He lives the concepts of truth, choice and awareness, making him a fantastic trainer and a wonderful person to be with. He was a major factor in the company-wide THE roll-out at Chr. Hansen A/S. Inspired by that training I used THE extensively at House of Prince A/S to achieve major quality AND efficiency improvements in production. I am grateful to Gary both professionally and personally.”
Jens Carlson, Senior Consultant, Storm Management A/S, Denmark

“Communication within the team is ten times better than before the workshop....Human Element rocks!”
Jim Schumer, Site Director, US Operations, Coloplast Manufacturing US, LLC

The Human Element is the registered trademark of Business Consultants, Inc.

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The Cornerstone Course™

The Cornerstone Course

The Cornerstone Course is a comprehensive program that provides the foundation for improving individual and team performance. Rather than offering glib answers for “how to get along,” it identifies the sources of self limiting behavior and interpersonal conflicts to get at root causes, and provides direction for making lasting improvements in work relations and personal performance. Using proven Human Element technology you will gain a practical understanding of human dynamics and a leave with an action plan for the future.

The Cornerstone Course helps you maximize your potential by improving your ability to:

  • Hold yourself and others accountable
  • Communicate clearly and effectively when it matters most
  • Understand what motivates you and others
  • Manage your emotions and reduce defensive behavior
  • Understand how others perceive you
  • Focus and adapt to change
  • Enhance your leadership effectiveness

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The Cornerstone Course is a Trademark of Business Consultants, Inc.

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The Leadership Program

The Leadership Program

The Leadership Program uses Human Element technology to directly impact individuals with responsibilities for leadership, mentoring, supervision and influence of people and programs. It offers principles for creating continuous, positive change, a framework for understanding human behavior and motivation, and experiences to help align your thinking, feeling and actions.

This workshop is the beginning of a journey. It may challenge you and is intended to help you overcome feelings and ingrained thought patterns that may be keeping you from achieving your goals and becoming more successful as a leader.

The aim of the Leadership program is to maximize your potential. It will help:

  • Increase your capacity for personal influence
  • Improve your ability to be more decisive
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Discover what motivates people and how to engage them in your vision
  • Improve your interpersonal skills and your ability to build collaborative relationships
  • Develop skills for staying calm with others panic
  • Become a better listener and a more effective communicator

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“…we need a kind of courage rarely spoken of in the annals of heroes: the courage to know ourselves, to be honest with one another, to handle the truth.”
Will Schutz

“Gary Copeland blends the interpersonal with the intellectual in ways that aid the corporation in getting the most and the best from its people. He has gentleness about his delivery that brings a level of comfort to participants as they work through difficult issues. I've worked with Gary for over 20 years to improve quality and productivity in organizations. He is simply effective.”
Dr. R. Michael Davidson, Rear Admiral (Retired), U.S. Public Health Service

The Human Element is the registered trademark of Business Consultants, Inc.

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Trust-Based Teams™

Trust-Based Teams

Trust-Based Teams goes beyond traditional team building concepts to get at the core issue high performing teams – trust. A group of people with different skills, preferences and experiences hurling themselves at a deadline does not make them a team, and all the clarity of purpose in the world cannot overcome the interpersonal conflicts, infighting or simmering resentments that can develop even with the best intentioned team members.

Trust-Based Teams is an inside-out approach that provides team members with a set of skills to build emotional and social intelligence, talk through difficult conversations, hold themselves and each other accountable and create trusting work relationships that can stand up to the challenges of working under pressure.

The goals of this program are to create a team environment where team members are:

  • Honest
  • Accountable
  • Trusting and trustworthy
  • Effective communicators
  • Committed to mutual success while accomplishing goals

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Radical Collaboration®

Radical Collaboration

Radical Collaboration is a powerful interactive experience that shows you exactly how to build more effective partnerships, alliances, teams and relationships that really work. In just three short days you can learn skills and tools for creating open, accountable, caring, collaborative relationships characterized by creativity, productivity, mutual support, personal meaning and fun.

Radical Collaboration is guaranteed to improve your effectiveness in:

  • Creating high-trust collaborative business and personal environments
  • Reducing the cost of conflict in dollars, time and lost creativity
  • Turning adversarial relationships into productive partnerships
  • Changing existing relationships so people work smarter instead of just harder
  • Developing creative problem-solving skills
  • Communicating in ways that uplift others so they are self-motivated and accept more responsibility and accountability

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“This training proved to be extremely practical and very effective. We believe it was the best, most useful training we have ever had.”
Peter Reynolds, President Brio Toys of North America

“Gary Copeland is one of the most competent Radical Collaboration trainers in the world. I have co-trained with him for many years and look forward to every opportunity to do so. He understands collaborative concepts and knows how to teach them. He knows how to work with groups struggling to improve their collaborative performance. You won’t go wrong bringing Gary into your organization.”
Jim Tamm, President RC Group, Co-Author of Radical Collaboration

Radical Collaboration is the registered trademark of the RC Group LLC.

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Customer Impact®

Customer Impact is an experiential workshop that takes the field of customer service inside the customer’s head to discover how basic emotions lead to purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. We think we make decisions based on logic and common sense but the research shows that we don’t. Almost all decisions are based on emotion, and when you can manage customers’ emotions you begin to wield enormous power to influence purchasing decisions.

Customer Impact developed by Judith Bell and Gary Copeland is designed to help workers, managers and leaders build lasting relationships with internal and external customers and develop practices that create customers for life.

In this program you will:

  • Experience how thoughts and feelings motivate customer/client decisions
  • Increase your emotional intelligence to add value and build personal and brand loyalty
  • Remove blocks that unwittingly prevent you from providing great customer/client service
  • Learn to turn complaints into opportunities
  • Practice skills for dealing with difficult customers and clients
  • Learn to create conditions to positively influence customer/client emotions

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“About a half century ago I began working on a theory of human relations. Over the years, it has been very gratifying to me to see the work that I have devoted myself to applied and expanded so competently. Judith Bell and Gary Copeland have had vast experience in this arena, and bring to customer service a combination of strong theory and immensely practical techniques. It is very likely that they have created an important and dramatic breakthrough to understanding customer service.”
Will Schutz

Customer Impact is a registered trademark of Business Consultants, Inc., and Bell & Copeland.

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